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Auburn Citizen

With just one meeting left in 2014, the Cayuga County Legislature has a lot on its agenda.

• First and foremost, the Legislature needs to pass its 2015 budget. The budget was last discussed at a public hearing on Thursday, where about $82,000 in changes were made through departmental adjustments.

The current budget proposal would raise the tax levy by 2.9 percent while cutting four jobs total. Based on past budget meetings, it would not be unusual for last minute changes to be made.

Legislature Chairman Michael Chapman said he doesn’t anticipate any “monumental changes,” however. He said there may be adjustments to certain lines, such as the highway machinery fund, but few other changes.

• The Legislature will also hold a second public hearing on a law that would prohibit the sale, application and disposal of natural gas waste in the county.

Since the first public hearing, the law has been changed to carry one less definition and set a fine amount for each offense.

A vote on the law could potentially follow the public hearing.

• The Legislature will vote on whether or not to set a date of a public hearing on a law that would institute a local motor vehicle tax.

The tax would be $10 per vehicle every two years — likely coinciding with the vehicle’s registration period.

Trailers and tractors would not be taxed under the law.

Should the resolution pass, the public hearing would take place in January.

• A resolution to raise the fees at Emerson Park will go to a vote as well.

Fees for parking and launching boats would be increased at the park under the plan.

Parks and Trails Superintendent Gary Duckett said the fee increase would be a way for the county to increase revenue from the park by $46,530, or 39 percent.