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Gartman Legal, PLLC
Gartman Legal, PLLC
7620 E. McKellips Road, #4006, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 United States

Andrew L. Gartman is an Arizona native, whose career is dedicated to helping the underdog stand up for their rights, and hold the responsible accountable for their actions. His passion to stand up against bullies was cemented into his character at an early age, after witnessing a public servant fabricate a story to support his unlawful actions. Although just a child, his inability to challenge the public servant's deceitful conduct instilled a passion that continues to push Mr. Gartman to seek justice for those who cannot seek it themselves. It this passion that drove Mr. Gartman to become a lawyer, and then, open Gartman Legal, pllc.

"Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong." –Theodore Roosevelt, 1916. 

Andrew L. Gartman founded Gartman Legal after years of working with Arizona's finest trial attorneys. He has acquired extensive experience representing injured people, whether from another's negligent acts or a violation of their civil rights. Mr. Gartman graduated from Phoenix School of Law in 2013, then began a mentorship under the guidance of nationally ranked trial attorneys. Mr. Gartman participated in numerous jury trials regarding police brutality/excessive force, negligent police investigations, RICO, and wrongful death actions on behalf of devastated families.

Mr. Gartman also defends clients in civil asset forfeiture proceedings. Civil Asset Forfeiture is a complex area of practice that combines criminal with civil law. Mr. Gartman has achieved great success for his clients throughout Arizona, at the trial court and before the Arizona Court of Appeals.

After getting his start in civil rights litigation, Mr. Gartman served as the litigation attorney for Arizona's busiest personal injury firms. At these firms, Mr. Gartman represented hundreds of clients in strenuous litigation. He developed the specific trial techniques needed to help juries understand the pain and torment his clients experienced. Mr. Gartman is passionate about helping those injured receive just compensation for their losses. So much so, he founded Gartman Legal, pllc to bring a client-focused approach to personal injury litigation.

Mr. Gartman believes in commitment to his clients. Mr. Gartman founded Gartman Legal, pllc to effectively represent people who suffer injuries or a loss by another's negligent or intentional conduct. His experience includes vehicle collisions, slip and fall incidents, government and professional malfeasance, and gross negligence.

For 2021, Best Lawyers of America recognized Mr. Gartman as a "One to Watch", a prestigious award that is given to up and coming young attorneys. He was also recognized by his peers as a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers for 2021.

Mr. Gartman is an avid outdoorsman. With Marnie & Keno at his side, two White German Shepherds--adopted from the White GSD Rescue--Mr. Gartman goes off the grid throughout the southwest in a motorhome, motorcycle, horseback or hiking with a pack on his back. Marnie & Keno make him easy to spot! 

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