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Edwardo Morfin was born and raised in Yakima, Washington. He grew up in a humble home, and his parents are farm workers who toiled in the orchards of the Yakima Valley for decades, and continue to work in agriculture. Edwardo is no stranger to hard work, as he often helped his parents work in the orchards.

Edwardo grew up working in agriculture himself, until he seized an opportunity to work an entry level office assistant job at a personal injury firm--and that made all the difference. Edwardo was determined to become an attorney after that.

Edwardo attended Yakima Valley Community College, Central Washington University, and Seattle University School of Law.

While at law school, although the curriculum was very challenging and time consuming, Edwardo always took time to volunteer, putting people first, even in law school.

The spirit of putting people first has carried over into Edwardo's career as an attorney. Edwardo continues to try to help his community in many ways, earning many pro bono and public service awards, including an APEX Award from the Washington State Bar Association.

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