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I started Redondo Law, P.A. in 2018 with the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind and unique law firm that leverages technology, efficiency, and a passion for helping others to deliver exceptional client service. I recognize that most clients only interact with the legal system when something has gone wrong, and as a result, it is often an unpleasant, costly, and even unbearable experience.

Too often clients feel like they are just a file in a drawer somewhere and this only adds to the stress and anxiety of dealing with litigation. I fight hard to shoulder that burden on behalf of my clients and strive to make sure that every client is kept well informed of the status of their case and feels like all of their legal needs are being met. It’s my job to take the stress and anxiety associated with a legal dispute away so my clients can focus on getting back on their feet or continuing with their daily lives.

Redondo Law, P.A. has developed a reputation for excellence in both litigation and dispute resolution – both of which demand a unique and acute understanding of client needs and their personal goals. Redondo Law, P.A. is quickly creating a strong presence in the South Florida community as the go-to team to handle any personal injury case, including those where other firms are unable to find success.



Not only can car accidents cause you physical harm, but also emotional and mental trauma. Fortunately, you are not alone. If someone else is responsible for your injuries, let us represent you, so you can focus on what is important: recovering.


After your property has been damaged by a hurricane, flood, fire, burst pipe or another cause, making a full financial recovery isn't always as simple as filing a claim with your insurance company. If your insurance company is trying to downplay your losses or denying your claim completely, contact us.


Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, especially if their death was caused by the negligence of another person or entity. During this traumatic experience, let us be your advocate and fight for justice on your loved ones' behalf.


Redondo Law, P.A., was started by Mike Redondo in 2019. Mike’s idea was to create a one-of-a-kind, unique law firm that could leverage technology, efficiency, and a passion for helping others to deliver exceptional client service. Since most people’s only interaction with the legal system is when something has gone wrong, the experience often turns out to be unpleasant and costly. All too often, clients feel as though they are simply a case number, or a file in a drawer, and that there is not a real person working and fighting for them—a person who truly cares about their experience and their future. Mike’s goal was to alleviate much of the stress and anxiety clients feel when dealing with litigation. That goal is accomplished by fighting hard to shoulder the burden of the litigation issues while keeping clients well informed of the status of their case.

Mike wants every single client to feel as though their legal needs are being fully met, and that they can go about the task of getting back on their feet after the accident while a determined, experienced attorney handles the legalities. Redondo Law, P.A. has quickly developed a reputation for excellence in litigation and dispute resolution. Both of these areas require a unique understanding of the needs and personal goals of the client. Redondo Law, P.A., is creating a strong presence in the South Florida community as the “go-to team” who can handle any personal injury case. At Redondo Law, you will always be treated fairly—Mike vows to treat each client in the same way he would want to be treated or in the same way he would treat his own family members.

You deserve to have a dedicated legal advocate fighting on your behalf to make you whole for the losses you have suffered. If you have suffered a personal injury, whether from an auto accident, slip and fall, medical negligence, defective product, boating accident, or any other type of accident, attorney Mike Redondo will work with you to simplify the legal process, keep you informed about your case, and answer all your questions. Whether you need a highly experienced negotiator or an aggressive litigator, Redondo Law, P.A., is the law firm to call. Achieving justice for every one of our clients is the goal of Redondo Law.

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