Neill  Nwoha

The Nwoha Law Firm, PC
The Nwoha Law Firm, PC
777 Main Street, Suite 600, Fort Worth, TX 76102 United States

“Throughout my career I have handled thousands of injury claims and have helped hard-working Texans recover from injuries that have devastated their bodies, minds, and finances. After building a name for myself I opened my own law firm, the Nwoha Law Firm, so I could give my clients exceptional service with a personal touch."

Mr. Neill Nwoha had an early passion for legal work and philosophy. He would gain his undergraduate degree from Angelo State University, where he would opt for a Business Management degree, instead of a philosophy degree, to make the transition to owning and running his of law firm (business) easier down the road.

After graduating with honors, he would receive an invitation from St. Mary's University Law School, which he accepted.

While in law school, he would perform legal research and writing for several attorneys around San Antonio, while also holding down long term employment with one of the largest Intellectual Property law firms in San Antonio. During his last year of law school he would opt to leave the Intellectual Property Firm, in order to work for an established boutique Civil Litigation firm in San Antonio.

Upon graduating, Mr. Neill Nwoha would accept a prestigious position at the Thomas J. Henry law firm, one of the largest personal injury law firms in Texas. In this position he received an early but extensive training and experience working on high value commercial cases. After some time, he would rise the ranks at Thomas J. Henry, until he would make a landmark decision to move from Corpus Christi, to Dallas, Texas, where the person who would eventually become his wife, had lived. In Dallas, Mr. Neill Nwoha would begin working for various attorneys around Dallas, until he would take a position at the Cain Law Firm.

Ultimately, his passion would lead him from working at other law firms, to eventually starting his own law firm, so that he could serve the people of Texas.

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