Rand  Spear

Spear, Greenfield, Richman, Weitz & Taggart, PC
Spear, Greenfield, Richman, Weitz & Taggart, PC
Two Penn Center Plaza 1500 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Ste 200, Philadelphia, PA 19102 United States
PhiladelphiaPA 19102
(215) 985-2424

Rand Spear is one of the most respected and successful accident attorneys in Philadelphia. His law firm has filed more accident cases in the last 30 years than most other attorneys in the Philadelphia area. As the founder of Spear, Greenfield, Richman, Weitz & Taggart, PC., he has been instrumental in establishing the firm’s reputation as one of Philadelphia’s leading plaintiff personal injury law firms.

Rand’s passion is powered by his desire to help his clients recover from devastating injuries, rise above financial burdens, and lead happy lives following an injury. Rand finds value in hugging a client during a moment of uncertainty, offering a shoulder to cry on during a vulnerable moment, or making a phone call to ensure a client is healthy following treatment. Rand has helped thousands of families for over 30 years, and his clients take comfort in knowing they can rely on someone who genuinely cares. Rand and his team aim to go the distance, even if that means taking cases to trial when the compensation warrants.

Rand started as a solo practitioner and cemented his reputation as a hard working lawyer. Rand loves representing his clients. He stands by his clients throughout the entire legal process, to let them know they are not alone, and he will be their strength. For Rand, his favorite element of his job is comforting clients by letting them know they are not alone and that he will be their strength.

Rand stands out from other lawyers by treating his clients like family and ensuring clients of their importance to him. Rand believes every client should be treated with respect, and he has often said, “Without the clients where would I be, what would I have? The answer is nothing. I know that my strength and success comes directly from my clients, and I would be lost without them.”

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