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The Law Firm of William Babich, LLC Has Dedicated its Practice to Serving Seriously Injured Individuals for Almost Three Decades

Mr. Babich served as faculty in training other lawyers, and has been published in the personal injury field.

Mr. Babich has appeared on Court TV.

Other lawyers call The Law Firm of William Babich, LLC for advice.

The Firm employs a nurse and other experts, including medical, psychological, neurological, and reconstruction specialists to assist in analysis of the cases and to ensure each client’s future and best interests are protected.
The Firm has a reputation for creativity, tenacity and leadership in the personal injury field.

The Firm recognizes that every case, like every client, is different.

The Firm has the knowledge, experience and skills to devote to each client’s case and cause.

The Firm will strive to ensure that a client’s future is secure by obtaining full, fair, and just compensation.

For over 28 years, his firm has been focused on and dedicated to representing those persons throughout Colorado who have suffered personal injuries as a result of the negligence or wrongful conduct of others, whether through an automobile, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle accident, negligence, bad faith or medical malpractice. The firm has also represented the survivors of loved ones who have suffered a wrongful death as a result of the negligent or wrongful conduct of others.

Please visit the Notable Cases page for a description of some of the cases The Law Firm of William Babich, LLC has handled and the Practice Areas page for a full description of the services offered.

The firm emphasizes the following areas:

Catastrophic/Serious Injuries
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spinal Injury
Personal Injury
Automobile Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents
Commercial or Semi-Truck Accidents
Uninsured Motorist Claims and Underinsured Motorist Claims
Wrongful Death
Defective Product Injuries
Medical Malpractice Injuries